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Mathew's Life Slogan

"“A friend LOVES at all times”   Proverbs 17:17"

Doc, my best friend, beloved husband and amazing father to our sons has gone home.


Doc was selfless and committed to his calling.  He cared so much for us.  His patients meant everything to him.  He was clear that God put him here to serve them.  He gave his whole – his time, talent, skills – himself.   He was generous, caring and kind.   He found a lot of value and satisfaction in serving us and others.


He brought so much joy to our lives.  He was the most interesting person I know.  How we will miss his stories.  They were so funny.  We would sit around listening to him, laughing; amazed at how much he knew.  Any time anyone had a question, the boys would say; “ask Dad”.


He taught us true love, to value people and friendships, to make time for people and to always think of how we can represent God in all we did.  He loved God and served him in the family, church and profession.  I know that the work he was given to do, he has done it and completed it well.  I believe he will reap a bounty harvest.


We choose to accept and give thanks to God for the wonderful memories we created together.


Doc loved us so much.  We will always love him.  We miss him so much.  What keeps us going is to know that God is with us every day.

Till we meet again


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  1. Moses

    April 28, 2022

    Go well my friend. I painfully learnt of his passing on today 28 April 2022. I was with him in high school in Kiambu. Yes, Mathew was full of love, care and empathy. That why he chose to be what he became, a dentist.

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