Group Funeral Cover

A group funeral cover is an insurance policy that covers the life of a person whilst being a member of a formal group to pay for funeral expenses.


• The policy enables employers, co-operative societies, welfare societies, and other affinity groups to provide means of financing funeral expenses when a member passes away.
• The Cash Benefit is paid within 72 hours of notification to Britam  and confirmation done through a burial permit or death certificate
• No medical examinations are required
• Cash benefit and premium payable are guaranteed up to your 75th birthday
• The cash benefit is paid to your beneficiary and they have discretion on how it will be utilized
• Cover extends to parents and parents–in-law

How does it work?

Once you have taken up funeral insurance, you will be expected to pay premium as per the agreed payment option. Upon demise of the insured, we shall pay the claim to the appointed beneficiary within 48 hours of receiving notification and relevant documentation.
Premiums are paid throughout the life of the insured with benefits including that the sum assured is applicable to each family member and the maximum insured age is 80 years.

Who needs it?

A group of people such as,

  • Employees
  • A chama,
  • sacco,
  • Church among others can purchase a group