Miss Lucy Wanjiku Kioni

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A dark cloud hung over Nakuru on January 7, 2022 when the depressing news of Lucy’s passing away hit the metropolis. The sad news shook everyone including her relatives, close friends, and the Nakuru Christian fraternity alike particularly the church members of Bethany Prayer Ministry where she had been a devout member for many years. During her internment at the Nakuru South Cemetery on January 17 2022, she was eulogized as a lady who truly loved God and served the church wholeheartedly.

Lucy was generous, a selfless giver, caring and beautiful, and she always wore a charming smile and affected a welcoming aura. She was an immaculate dresser - a consummate showstopper, if you like. Nakuru City street families and twilight ladies knew her well due to her loving-care for them. She gladly shared whatever she could afford with the needy, a trait that endeared her to all who interacted with her. I personally knew her as a big-hearted lady who could have done everything within her ability to come to one’s help. Her virtuous life was aptly extolled during her burial by different church leaders including Pastor Steve Waish. Lucy left behind two daughters: Kanana and Emily. On behalf of Nakuru Golden Years & Today (NGYT) Facebook group, my heart and prayers go out to her entire family, friends, and all the members of Bethany Prayer Ministry. May God continue to grant you the grace and strength to overcome the loss of this beautiful soul. Rest in eternal peace, Lucy Wanjiru Kioni

Tribute by John Githanga.

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